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WVU’s pre-summer, fully online, 3-week accelerated learning option. Dates TBD.

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Important Summer Term Dates

Dates TBD.

Summer 2022 Student Benefits

Students working together online


Since summer classes will be held in-person and online, students will have the ability to interact with faculty and peers in a variety of ways. WVU’s eCampus offers several solutions that include discussion boards, wikis, blogs, and more. Students attending in-person classes can engage in masked and socially distanced communication with faculty and/or peers.

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Flexibility and Support

Classes are available in 3-, 6-, 8-, 9- or 12-week formats, so you can customize a schedule that works for you. Complete a GEF, stay ahead in your coursework, or graduate early. You can even complete a minor this summer!

What our students are saying

WVU Summer Term students share their experiences.

Angel Robertson

Angel Robertson

Anthropology, Forensics Minor

"It not only added more credits, but with the 6-week period, you had to really focus on what you were learning. Everything was so fast-paced, it made you want to keep studying and putting forth a lot of effort. If you’re going to take summer courses, make sure you’re ready to take a whole semester’s worth in less than half that. It’s very beneficial in retaining information due to its fast-paced environment."

Bruce Mitchell

Bruce Mitchell

Educational Leadership and Policy Doctorate Program

"I took a lot of Higher Education classes and really enjoyed meeting the new faculty in the program, Dr. Nathan Sorber and Dr. Erin McHenry Sorber, made me feel welcome and provided us with the basics we needed to follow the curriculum more comfortably! I was able to enter my program after being accepted with more than 12 hours, because I took more before my degree program actually began. It allowed me to get a jump start as a full time working professional. This was a relief to me mentally to know that I could chip away at a new degree and become reintroduced to the classrooms after so many years since my masters."

Tiffany Noel Thibodeau

Tiffany Thibodeau

Legal Studies

"Try it out! You may find that you develop a stronger passion for learning and that the online format is a great way to work outside of school and still reach your educational goals while gaining valuable work /intern experience."


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