Why Summer at WVU?

Get Ahead

Taking summer classes can mean earning your degree even faster or adding that minor you have always wanted.

Catch Up

Earn credits that you need to graduate in as little as three weeks.


Summer is a great time to take those difficult courses with fewer distractions.


Go ahead, ask questions! Summer courses have a smaller student-to-faculty ratio, giving you an even better opportunity to learn.


See the world by studying abroad, or stay and experience the adventure of Appalachia right here on campus.

Summer 2017 Pre-registration Priority Dates

November 1: Professional, Graduate, Honors-SR, and Exceptions, Law-L3

November 2: Honors-JR, Law-L2

November 3: Honors-SO, Law-L1

November 4: Honors-FR

November 7: Seniors (89+ hours)

November 9: Juniors (59 – 88 hours)

November 11: Sophomores (29 – 58 hours)

November 14: Freshmen (0 – 28 hours)