WVU’s Summer Session is designed for students who are looking to make the most of their education. With 400+ on-campus courses, 300+ online courses and 40+ study abroad programs, Summer is the perfect time to catch up, get ahead or explore. Meet some of the students who have made their summer break a summer of opportunity.

Melanie Stevans, Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Spanish, Spain: Santander Language Program

Melanie Stevans
"It was amazing to watch our language abilities bloom and to create friendships and share ideas, all through a second language. It was a wonderful environment of encouragement and improvement, from not only our professors, but also our fellow students."

Melanie Stevans transferred to WVU from another university before the second semester of her freshman year. She says she wasn’t sure why she chose WVU until last spring when she realized she has found a family here, not only among her fellow Mountaineers, but in "wild, wonderful West Virginia."


"There’s something here that touches your heart, in the way only West Virginia can," she says. "But here I have also found my passion for the world." She loves her majors—International Studies and Spanish—and through them she is able to travel the world.

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Emily Lamb, B.S. Communication Studies, Germany: Summer Program in Communication in Erfurt

Emily Lamb
"It’s a scary situation going to a foreign country where you don’t know anyone. When I realized I wasn’t the only one in that situation, I understood how important it was to open up and be friendly and to make people feel welcome."

Emily Lamb started her college career as a student at WVU’s Potomac State campus. After making the transition from a campus with about 2,000 students to WVU’s main campus of almost 30,000 students, Emily admitted to having a difficult time at first. Eventually, Emily found her home in the Communication Studies Department where she fell in love with the program, professors and tight-knit atmosphere.


When she heard about the opportunity to study abroad with the department in Germany, Emily couldn’t even think of saying no. Emily’s favorite part of studying abroad? "It taught me how to communicate with students from a different culture and from different backgrounds which is a lesson I will take with me forever," said Lamb.

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Julia Foley, B.S. Interior Design, Central Europe Study Abroad Experience

Julia Foley
"I don’t think that a lot of design college students get the chance to study abroad while getting more design experience. So, the fact that I was able to do it twice is something that will hopefully set me apart."

Julia Foley is an Interior Design major with a love for traveling. In fact, she’s studied abroad two times as a student at WVU and loved every minute of her experiences. She credits her understanding of new architectural thinking to her worldly travels and believes it will make her stand out in a competitive design job market.


"Studying abroad in Prague allowed me to see different types of architecture and different styles so it has really helped broaden my horizons in terms of designing things. Before this trip I didn’t have an internship so this helped build my resume and gave me a lot of real world experience. It shows that I really like to travel and that I am an independent person since I traveled around the city to work on my project by myself a lot of the time," said Foley.

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