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Biochemistry 339: Introduction to Biochemistry Online

CRN: 52188, May 18 - July 17

CRN: 51642, June 8 - August 7

It is strongly biased towards the biochemistry of higher animals and is especially suitable for students intending to progress further in the Health Sciences (Medical, Dental, Pharmacy and related students). Material covered in this course includes structures, properties and functions of biomolecules, including sugars, fats, amino acids, nucleotides, proteins, biomembranes and nucleic acids. Topics also include enzyme kinetics and mechanisms, metabolic pathways, and mechanisms regulating metabolism and gene expression.

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Physiology 107: Intro to Human Anatomy/Physiology Online

CRN: 51664, May 18 - August 7

This is an introductory level course integrating anatomy and physiology with emphasis on material appropriate for pre-health career majors. Students are expected to learn the fundamentals of human anatomy and physiology by viewing pre-recorded lecture materials that are available online. A systems approach is used to prepare students to understand relationships among structures that contribute to the functioning of organ systems. In addition, self-learning exercises will be employed to develop student knowledge and critical thinking skills as applied to anatomical and physiological terminology and concepts.

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Physiology 241: Elementary Physiology Online

CRN: 51002, May 18 - August 7

For undergraduate students in health sciences fields. A systematic examination of physiological systems of the human body with emphasis on homeostatic mechanisms and an introduction to pathophysiology and clinical correlations.

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