WVU Summer in the States

June 28 to July 26, 2014

Downtown Campus

West Virginia University offers international students the best of both worlds when studying in the United States – a beautiful safe campus that is near East Coast metropolitan cities.

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The International Summer Program will be held June 28 through July 26, 2014. Students will have the opportunity to network with WVU faculty and students while studying in one of the targeted courses. The educational experience goes beyond the classroom with organized excursions to some of America’s most famous places. The program offers students the choice of four programs of study. All courses are taught in English providing students an excellent opportunity to improve their English language skills.


Program 1: Business Strategies
Course 1: Small Business Entrepreneurship
Course 2: Hospitality and Tourism Leadership

Program 2: Energy
Course 1: Energy Engineering
Course 2: Engineering Practicum

Program 3: Forensic Science
Course 1: Introduction to Forensic Identification
Course 2: Crime Scene Workshop

Program 4: U.S. Digital Media
Course 1: Blogging and Interactive Journalism
Course 2: Multimedia Reporting

*Disclaimer: The International Summer Program is only available to International students not native to the United States. Admission to this program does not gurantee admission to any program at West Virginia University.