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    Seamless Transition Program

    The Seamless Transition Program (STP) is a three-week high school bridge program to be offered to entering West Virginia University (WVU) freshmen and gives students the opportunity to begin their university education immediately following their high school graduation. STP students earn up to 6 credit hours; benefit from small classes of 20 or fewer; live in a WVU residence hall; receive personal support from experienced faculty, staff and live-in tutors; and learn about WVU and college life before everyone else does!

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    The Honor's City as Text Morgantown Experience

    The Honor's City as Text Morgantown Experience
    The Honor's City as Text Morgantown Experience is a course designed specifically for incoming freshmen. This course will offer structured exploration of the environment and ecosystem in the Morgantown area. City as Text is created as an on-going moving laboratory class during which students investigate the rural countryside, the urban landscape, competing forces in nature and technology, government, architecture, culture, history, and all the various components that collide to form a city. These exercises foster critical inquiry and allow students to learn across many disciplines.

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