College of Business and Economics

New Online Course

Veteran's Entrepreneurship Essentials (ENTR 493A)
CRN: 52654
May 13 - August 6, 2016
*Online with 2 on campus residencies

Getting Down to Business This Summer

There is always high demand for classes in the College of Business and Economics. The summer term provides students not majoring in business many opportunities to get required courses such as accounting and economics out of the way. Business majors will find a good selection of upper division courses.

Online Minors available:

Business Minor

Modeled on the dynamic relationships among the functional areas of business, the minor emphasizes effective decisions that balance risks and rewards. With a business minor, you will have a stronger foundation for a career in a variety of business organizations, large or small.

Entrepreneurship Minor

With an Entrepreneurship Minor, students will have a stronger foundation for a career in a variety of businesses large or small. A minor in entrepreneurship allows the student to study both the theory and process of entrepreneurship. Coursework focuses on key business skills particular to both large and small ventures. The online course offerings make it ideal for nontraditional students and working professionals.